• Official Remco Toys!
  • Official Remco Toys!

    Remco Wrestling Action Figures

    Remco's Steve Rosenthal licenced Verne Gagne's AWA and created the Pro Wrestling Action Figure market.

  • Official Remco Toys!

    Remco Monsters

    Introduced in 1981, Remco licensed the Universal Monsters producing 9 inch and 3 & 3/14 inch figures

  • Official Remco Toys!

    Remco Dolls

    Remco's many doll characters include Heidi, Littlechap family, Sally and more...

  • Official Remco Toys!

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    Remco Wrestling Action Figures by Powertown! Series 1 Announcement!

    Remco Powertown Wrestling Action Figures

    Remco Wrestling Action Figures Return!

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